Saturday, August 9, 2014

Angus (The Cursed Clan #2) by Melissa Schroeder

My Review of:
Angus (The Cursed Clan #2)
by Melissa Schroeder
Rating   5 of 5 stars
Status   Read from August 1 to 6, 2014
Format   Kindle edition/NetGalley
Review*   Hot, hunky, sexy, immortal Highlander.

I can't ask for anything more when I am present with a super hot, sexy, immortal 'Highlander'. I love Highlanders of any era. Schroeder has given me a man (& clan) that I can get behind and read to the very end.

Angus is a sexy Highlander with a scientific mind. He needs tangible proof. Instant attraction of the forever kind is not on his radar or in his scope of logic. This all changes when he meets Maggie. Maggie and Jack changes Angus' pov in a big way. He finds himself doing things he never before thought to do.

This ride is filled with ups-n-downs, ins-n-outs, all to make the quest worth the journey. Take it and you will not be disappointed. It is best to read the first book but you will not feel at a loss to start right here with Angus.

Schroeder give me more than one hot, sexy highlander to sink my teeth into. This may be my first read of hers but it will not be the last. I will most certainly go back and read Callum (bk1) in this series.
Thank you, Net Galley.

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