Saturday, July 12, 2014

Forged (The World of Nightwalkers #4) by Jacquelyn Frank

Forged (The World of Nightwalkers #4)*

by Jacquelyn Frank

18282912Random House Publishing Group - Ballantine
Ballantine Books
Paranormal, Romance

Not up to par with the original 'Nightwalker' series.

Frank's has continued the Nightwalkers series into another direction (The World of Nightwalkers). This is the first of the new series that I have read and I feel like something is missing. Good thing is you would not need to go back to the original series to be in pace with were the new series picks up. There is enough summary and recap of the original to carry on from here.

This is my first romance involving a Gargoyle, which lite my fire and the fact that his is Scottish seal the deal, but not the victory. Ahnvil, the Gargoyle, is the protector of his Nightwalker and Katrina (Kat) Haynes is the lady that comes to his rescue. With her introduction into a world she had no knowledge of, the two of them form a bond/connection that leads to, well duhhhhhhhhh, romance.

Franks' need to step up her game to put this one on par with the original 'Nightwalker' series.

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