Saturday, August 23, 2014

Exterminating Angel by Pamela Turner

My Review of:

Exterminating Angel 
Rating   3 of 5 stars
Status   Read from August 17, 2014
Format   Kindle edition/NetGalley
Review*   Too much in too short a time.

I was looking for me a PRN but got me a PRH (pretty real headache). There are too many characters with very odd names all introduced in a short amount of time. Each with an agenda of their own or one they are trying to figure out. I was looking forward to a serious MM PRN to make my mind soar with delight, instead I got myself a headache trying to keep up.

Turner needed more space to branch out and develop more. Most of the characters are key players with a real role to make the story take flight, but too many at one time made things seem bunched together.
Thank you, Net Galley.

I am not a professional reviewer.  These are just my personal opinions.
*This was a free read in exchange for an honest review for the author and/or the publisher.