Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Nekkid Truth by Nicole Camden

My Review of:

The Nekkid Truth
by Nicole Camden

rating 4 of 5 stars
status Read from February 20 to 28, 2014
format ebook
The Nekkid Truth by Nicole Camdenreview  Miss Valley is a crime scene photographer with an extremely unique disability. Which has lead to her real bread and butter job as a much sot after photographer. Bodies are her best subject matter. 

Detective Scott is the hottie that calls her to the crime scene for photographing of a body unidentifiable. He finally has had enough when he decides to take things in to his own hands. Things come to a head for the two of them after a night of celebration.

Will they catch a killer? or Will romance win out over all things?

Camden has got her self a new follower. She has given me a something unique in this heroine worth reading. There is a small drawback. There is a mystery to who did it but it's more reading it than feeling it as you read it. There just is not much urgency to know who did it or why.

Thank you, Net Galley.

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