Saturday, June 21, 2014

Searching for Perfect (Searcing for #2)* by Jennifer Probst

Searching for Perfect (Searcing for #2)*by Jennifer Probst
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Role reversal on makeover to get the mate.

This has been done many times in many ways. Probst set this fine nerdy male, Nate (with the longest name) Ellison Raymond Dunkle, in the position to need a makeover to get a wife for life. Kennedy Ashe, social director for Kinnections, is tasked with the job of performing a miracle. All this while battling her own demons in the form of body image and all that goes with it. Its a good thing that Nate can see beyond the facade that over time she has perfected but been unable to see herself.

Probst brought me a series that I can get into. I enjoyed the journey and look forward to more. I will most certainly pick up another book in this series, first by going back and reading book one, 'Searching for Someday'.

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