Saturday, March 29, 2014

Hot and Bothered (Hot in the Kitchen #3) by Kate Meader

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Hot and Bothered (Hot in the Kitchen #3)

4 of 5 stars
Read from March 20 to 21, 2014
Kindle edition/NetGalley
Friends to lover to more.  Tad and Juliet had much going on in their lives and they shared most of it with each other. Their friendship was strong and true. The first time that Juliet thought to make a move. Tad put a halt to it rather quickly. From there Juliet figured that if she can't explore the one she want she would move on and try something else. Or did she really?

This read by far was not a quick simple trek down the road of friends and just jump right in to being lovers. There were things that needed to be climbed over, under, went around to make this worth all that it could be. As things begin to roll on Juliets dates Tab begins to take more notice of what he could have and may lose. Things get real hot and bothered with a little help from their friends.

My first read by Kate Meader and I have to say loud and clear.  I like her style. This one was more than I expected from the blurb. I like to be surprised and I like that I got a mother that was getting her love life back on track. I like it even more that she did not settle for less than she deserved.

Thank you, Net Galley.

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